A little update…

One day I should write a post on why I am a bad blogger,

because seriously guys. I have dropped the ball in this department. To be perfectly honest,quite a few things are on my back burner right now, photography and blogging being one of them. I have plans for my art,and my little website, but for the moment they will be on hold….at least until we get through this wedding planning. 

Our wedding date is set for September 24th,2016. We are so excited!!!! That is only 217 days away!! Which may seem like a long time….but when I think about it I get the butterflies. That time is going to FLY. So for now,we are working on wedding plans,honeymoon plans,and house hunting. (If I can just refrain from buying all the couple coffee mugs,and stop sprouting potatoes over every piece of gorgeous antique furniture I see. ) My Mom and I made our Boutonnieres a couple of weeks ago, and my very talented mother hand painted our invitations! I am so excited for June so we can send them out! They are GORGEOUS. 

So to say the least,we’ve been very preoccupied around here. I hope to get this space updated with pictures of our wedding in process. :) Until then….

I wish you all a lovely weekend<3

Much Love,E

Snow Bird

Oh little snow bird,

What awakens you from your lofty perch? Why do you prefer the cold and the snow? What stirs up your soul? If only I could be as free as you snow bird. I would fly straight to the heavens where the angels shake their wings,and there I would stay. 

My beautiful little snow bird, I love you so.

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